All heating oil we deliver is guaranteed premium oil, with additives that help prevent burner problems, help prevent tank corrosion and reduce sediment.  For more information, visit HeatDoc.  


We offer computerized automatic delivery based upon your usage and degree days, so you never have to worry about checking your oil level.

Heating Oil


Diesel Fuel

Our diesel is premium on-road diesel fuel which contains pour point depressants to prevent gelling in cold weather.


We carry K-1 dyed kerosene, which is typically used by space heaters. Kerosene is available for pick up at our garage.



24 Hour Burner Service


Our servicemen attend trade shows and classes to keep current with the latest equipment and products. They average 15 years experience. This in-field experience means your Cronin serviceman is able to solve most problems quickly-resulting in less time your family is without heat, and typically a smaller repair expense!


Annual cleanings will reduce energy consumption by keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.  They also help catch small system problems before they become big problems.  As a result, heating costs are reduced and the life of your system is prolonged.

In addition, we offer Tank Guard, which is an oil tank protection program.  This is an optional program which costs $59 per year (effective 3-2-21).  Oil tank corrosion occur from the inside out. Tank Guard prevents the corrosion and leaks in your tank.


Annual Maintenance/Cleaning


Home Heating Comfort Plan

Our optional Home Heating Comfort Plan provides routine preventive maintenance plus insurance against unexpected emergency service expenses.  Effective May 1, 2021 - service contract pricing will increase.



Heating System Evaluation and Installation

We can provide you a courtesy inspection and, and if necessary, we will give you a replacement estimate for heating equipment including your boiler, furnace, and/or water heater.  If your equipment is older (or you have no idea how old it is), it is a good idea to have it inspected by a trained professional.  Whether fine tuning your current system or installing a newer energy efficient model, our experience allows us to do the job at competitive prices.  Additionally, you can contact MassSave to come to your home for a no cost energy assessment.  Learn more here  They offer many rebates and information regarding interest free loans as well.  We can help you with your rebate forms when we perform the installation. 


Massachusetts now requires home owners to upgrade the oil line between the tank and burner if it is in direct contact with a floor surface.