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Our current daily delivery price is $3.39 a gallon

updated 7/2/2024

Storms and winter weather are challenging for both consumers and suppliers of all energy products.  Energy prices have been, and will probably continue to be very volatile.  Natural gas, gasoline, heating oil and most energy products are traded daily on commodity markets.  The retail price of these products is based on these markets. It is difficult to determine if oil prices will rise or fall but we always strive to provide the best possible service at the best possible price.  In our continuing effort to serve our customers, we are offering several payment options.  

Pay as You Receive Delivery

You will be billed for each delivery at the daily delivery price and you may deduct 5 cents per gallon if payment is received with 10 days of delivery with cash or check only, net due in 30 days. 

Auto Payments
After you receive your delivery, we can automatically charge the delivery to your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card so you don’t have to remember to make the payment.  We can then email you a receipt when the charge has been made.  

Budget Plan
Ten equal monthly payments based on the estimated cost to heat your home. The budget starts in August and ends in May.  Budget payments are due the 10th of each month. We pay 3% annual interest on credit balances at the end of each month. If you were on the budget plan last season, we will automatically recalculate and renew your budget based upon the prior year's usage.  Remaining credit balances are used to calculate the following year's budgets.  Payments can be automatically charged to your credit card monthly for your convenience.



We are able to offer two price protection options by purchasing futures contracts in the commodity markets. These markets are constantly changing. Because of this, prices are subject to change without notice. These plans are strictly optional and only open for a few weeks.  Contracts are only available while supplies last.


Option # 1 – Pre-Payment Fixed Price PlanCLOSED   (AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) 

You determine how many gallons you want to buy at the fixed contract price on the contract.  This is typically based upon the amount of oil used during the previous heating season. The price per gallon will not change, up or down, until the gallons are used or the contract expires on 4-30-24. This option is not available for budget customers.  Due to the volatility of the market, pricing is subject to change without notice.  Payment needs to be received in order to secure your contract.  Offer valid only while supplies last.


Option # 2 – Price Cap Insurance:  CLOSED    (AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

Price Cap Insurance may be purchased when participating in either Pay as You Receive Delivery or the Budget Plan. Price Cap Insurance guarantees you will never pay more than the cap price per gallon. Your price per gallon will be the lower of the daily delivery price or cap price through 4-30-24. The per gallon fee for this plan will be different from previous years and will be determined at the date of program launch.  The fee is nonrefundable for unused gallons.  Due to the volatility of the market, pricing is subject to change without notice.  Payment needs to be received in order to secure your contract.  Offer valid only while supplies last.

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