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We strive to provide prompt, efficient oil deliveries and service to our community.

In 1961, after working 10 years for an oil company in Medfield, George Cronin, Sr. and is wife Shirley decided to start their own oil business in Norfolk.

G. Cronin & Sons began with one delivery truck, one service truck and a handful of customers in Norfolk and Medfield. The office consisted of a desk in their home. George Sr. continued to work for a plumbing contractor while his new business was growing.

By the mid-60's, with several hundred customers, George Sr. was able to retire from the plumbing job and concentrate on running his oil company. Providing customers with prompt 24 hour service was his priority.


The town of Norfolk and surrounding towns experienced several building booms in the 70’s and 80’s  the business grew. George’s sons’, George Jr. and Michael began working full time to help him keep up with the growing business. A garage was built to house parts and trucks in 1970. The office was built in 1983. And finally, the oil storage facility was built in 1989. All of these facilities were built to provide the best possible customer services.


The second generation family owned and operated business was later run by George Cronin Jr. and Michael Cronin. Originally servicing the towns of Norfolk and Medfield, Cronin Oil expanded to 15 surrounding towns with 4 service trucks, an installation van, 4 oil delivery trucks and twelve employees.

The third generation is now taking on the daily operations.  Jon Cronin, Pat Cronin and Eric Boulter are overseeing estimates, plumbing, installations and fuel deliveries.  The goal was and still is to provide the best possible complete heating services to our customers.


Company History


Shirley and George Cronin, Sr. started Cronin & Sons in 1961.

George Cronin, Jr. and Michael Cronin

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